Transactive Energy Webinar

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Transactive Energy in California: A Platform for 100% Clean Energy & Electrification


In this webinar we will answer these questions plus any others you may have:

        • What is transactive energy (TE)? How does it work?
        • How does TE allow for fully decentralized, real-time buying and selling of renewable energy?
        • How does TE place control of energy transactions directly in the hands of individual energy consumers and producers?
        • How do TE markets enable all parties – customers, solar and storage operators, utilities, and community choice aggregators – to buy and sell electricity with each other?
        • Why are forward tenders important for optimizing storage operation? How does TE supply forward tenders?
        • What is special about the RATES (Retail Automated Transactive Energy System) implementation of TE?  (RATES was piloted in a California Energy Commission sponsored project at Southern California Edison.)
        • What is a Subscription Transactive Tariff and how is it generated in RATES?
        • How is the California Public Utilities Commission using the RATES framework to implement real-time pricing?
        • How can you implement RATES in your jurisdiction? What are the benefits?

Webinars are customized for your organization. Pricing based on length and number of attendees.


The middle row shows the tendered retail electricity price in $/kWh for the next 5-minute, 15-minute and one-hour intervals up to the last hour of tomorrow. The start time for each interval is shown in the top row. The prices use current wholesale California ISO locational prices for the Moorpark Southern California Edison transmission substation augmented by scarcity prices for distribution, resource adequacy and flexible resource adequacy based on an experimental tariff. The bottom row shows the forecasted marginal Lbs of CO2 or Green House Gases (GHG) released per kWh for the same intervals. The CHG estimates are from The ticker automatically updates from time to time based on the California ISO publication schedule.