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TeMix Inc.’s Innovative Dynamic-Rate Pilot Projects Set for Extension Through 2027

California’s journey toward a more sustainable and efficient energy future is taking a significant leap forward with the extension and expansion of two dynamic-rate pilot programs. These programs, backed by the California Public Utilities Commission, not only aim to incentivize energy load shifting among various customer segments but also underscore the critical role of advanced technology solutions like the TeMix RATES™ Platform in achieving these goals.

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White Paper by CPUC Staff

California’s electricity system is undergoing rapid transformation on the pathway to 100% renewable power, with the expected high penetration of renewables, electrification of buildings and transportation, and deployment of behind-the-meter (BTM) distributed energy...

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The middle row shows the tendered retail electricity price in $/kWh for the next 5-minute, 15-minute and one-hour intervals up to the last hour of tomorrow. The start time for each interval is shown in the top row. The prices use current wholesale California ISO locational prices for the Moorpark Southern California Edison transmission substation augmented by scarcity prices for distribution, resource adequacy and flexible resource adequacy based on an experimental tariff. The bottom row shows the forecasted marginal Lbs of CO2 or Green House Gases (GHG) released per kWh for the same intervals. The CHG estimates are from The ticker automatically updates from time to time based on the California ISO publication schedule.