TeMix Inc.’s Innovative Dynamic-Rate Pilot Projects Set for Extension Through 2027

Published: February 13, 2024

The California Energy Markets recently reported on the Dynamic-Rate Pilot Programs Approved for 2027 Extension. California’s journey toward a more sustainable and efficient energy future is taking a significant leap forward with the extension and expansion of two dynamic-rate pilot programs. These programs, backed by the California Public Utilities Commission, not only aim to incentivize energy load shifting among various customer segments but also underscore the critical role of advanced technology solutions like the TeMix RATES™ Platform in achieving these goals. 

Wind turbines on rolling green hills with a view of the ocean at sunset, symbolizing renewable energy and sustainability in California's dynamic pricing pilot programs.


Dynamic-Rate Pilot Programs

The Extension Decision

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved the extension and expansion of two dynamic-rate pilot programs, managed by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE), until the end of December 2027. These programs are designed to encourage energy load shifting through financial incentives and dynamic pricing models, which are essential components of TeMix Inc.’s TeMix RATES™ Platform.

Budgets and Incentives

With a combined budget of over $54 million, these programs offer up to $1.8 million in incentives for community choice aggregators (CCAs) to enroll customers, highlighting the programs’ scale and ambition to drive significant energy behavior change.

Leading Dynamic Pricing

Integration with CalFUSE

TeMix Inc.’s software, central to the TeMix RATES™ Platform, is a secure and scalable solution that supports dynamic pricing and transactive energy. The platform’s capabilities are exemplified in the context of these pilot programs, demonstrating how technology can facilitate efficient energy use and load management.

Benefits for Agricultural and Other Sectors

One of the pilot programs specifically targets agricultural customers, offering incentives for shifting energy loads, such as irrigation pumping, to off-peak times. This aligns with the TeMix RATES™ Platform’s ability to adapt to various sectors’ unique needs, offering solutions that benefit not only the agricultural sector but also residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Lettuce fields in California with vibrant green rows under a clear blue sky, showcasing sustainable agricultural practices supported by TeMix Inc.'s dynamic pricing programs.

Impact and Future Directions

Achievements and Goals

Participants in these pilot programs have achieved up to a 50% reduction in peak-period usage, showcasing the potential of dynamic rates to enhance price response and energy efficiency. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of solutions like the TeMix RATES™ Platform in driving meaningful energy behavior change.

Looking Ahead

The extension of these programs is a step toward institutionalizing dynamic pricing and transactive energy solutions, with evaluations and reports set to provide further insights into their impact and effectiveness. TeMix Inc. is committed to continuing its work with utilities and CCAs to expand the adoption of dynamic pricing, aiming for a more sustainable energy future.

TeMix Inc. stands at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, with its TeMix RATES™ Platform playing a pivotal role in the success of California’s dynamic-rate pilot programs. As these programs extend and expand, TeMix Inc. continues to demonstrate its commitment to transforming the electric power sector through advanced technology solutions.


For more information, see California Energy Markets article:

Dynamic-Rate Pilot Programs Approved for 2027 Extension




TeMix Inc.’s Innovative Dynamic-Rate Pilot Projects Set for Extension Through 2027

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